Ginkgo Magazin (Ausgabe 07/08 2014):

„In ‚The White Raven‘ Ravena Wolf tells us candidly and with lasting images about her deep experiences. Thrilling to read and a wonderful inspiration for all seekers power and meaning in life.“


KUMA – spirituelle Wege für Mensch und Tier (Sommer 2014):

„My recommendation for all those who enjoy sharing other people’s spiritual path of self-discovery. (…) While reading you get the feeling of following a medicine-wheel (…) An extremely gripping and sensitive experience. My conclusion: A beautifully written book showing the author’s path to her very own source of power – moving and, at times, magical.”


KGS Hamburg (4/2014):

„Ravena Wolf shares with us the experience of a shamanic journey that starts very earthly (…) Her resolution to book a secluded cabin on the shores of a Finnish lake near the polar circle is bold and unusual – the beginning of an adventure (…) It will lead her to a vision quest in the desert and to South-America, challenging her to her limits and thus giving her the chance to outgrow herself.”


Spuren (CH, Sommer 2014):

“This is the multifaceted report of a very personal journey (…) The book encourages us to find our very own, spiritual path and trust our inner guidance beyond all spiritual authorities and mainstream standards.“


“Die Kunst zu Leben, Okt. – Dez. 2014”:




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