Ravena Wolf, fotografiert von Simone Wuchenauer©

Ravena Wolf, photographed by Simone Wuchenauer©

In Germany, where I live, I have been working in the media for over twenty years. I never got in touch with Shamanism, until my heart was broken so badly, I almost gave myself up. When I first met my companions from the other world, I was scared and questioned my sanity. However, as I seemed to have no choice other than to embark on this journey, I decided to do it wholeheartedly. And the more I gave in to this new field of experience, the more it became a source of strength to me. Today shamanism has become an important part of my everyday life, and I enjoy sharing those wonders.

All writings, paintings and music on these pages are expressions of pure joy without artistic ambition. The ideas and feelings find the expression that is adequate for them, if I let them. The following song about the four elements also reflects this spirit.


hear: ‚Conue‘ from the CD ‚Meditation der Liebe‘, ch.falk-verlag, ISBN 3-89568-140-7


Statement: Does it really need a statement here, I ask myself? Is this ‘shamanic’? Is it ‘spiritual’? Is the world out there desperately waiting for my comment on it? Surely not! But this urge to comment is part of me. And whoever found his or her way to this page, might want to take a closer look at the author. When my spiritual companions insisted I create independently and autonomously, I am sure they meant it in general, including society.

Like so many others on their spiritual path, I adore quantum physics. Not that I actually understand any of it, but I simply love their efforts of proving that we are all one. The insight is beautiful, and actually proving it, is even more beautiful. And physicists engaged in such beautiful matter cannot create any other mischief. That alone is beautiful. But is it really essential, to scientifically prove that we are all one? Isn’t it much more important to find out about the consequences – for society and for each and every one of us? “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” (Albert Einstein). My fixation on the classical sciences with their fixation on proving everything scientifically in order to legitimate something that is so obvious, makes me thoughtful. It might still be a sign of the old thinking in me.

Internet, Part I: We do have fantastic tools today. It is up to us how we use them. I can throw my laptop at you and successfully smash your head. Or I can use that laptop to spread inspiring, new ideas. The world wide web gives us a notion of how influential we can be, every single one of us, and what creative power we possess. However, we tend to use this power like kids in the sandbox. Reflexively, we sign petitions or join shit-storms, thus allowing others to manipulate us and use us for their objectives, which might turn out to be less ‘objective’ than it seems. Before we are even aware of our creative power, we are eager to give it away. Isn’t it about time to grow up, to quit the anonymous masses and stop soothing our conscience signing petitions. Time to really assume responsibility, primarily for ourselves. And in doing so, since we are all one, we automatically assume responsibility for the world around us.

Internet, Part II: “Where is the Facebook-Button?” Right, it’s missing. It was anything but an easy decision for me to reject what is considered an absolute ‘must’ among PR-people: Joining a social network. Why then, do I reject? For two obvious reasons and a less obvious one: First: I don’t want my data to end up in anyone’s secret service archives. Second: I don’t know if I have enough time to commit myself to such an endeavor. But most of all: I don’t feel comfortable with a society where communication is reduced to assessing each other by thumb. I like, therefore I am! I am liked, therefore I am good! And what if noone likes me? Do I still exist? I simply refuse to assess my fellow humans all the time. I still practice not constantly assessing myself. I’d much rather marvel at all the nonsense I do. To marvel is to open up. To assess ist to close up. Assessment is the opposite of amazement. The stance of society today seems to be assessment. My stance is amazement. Therefore the ‘missing link’ to any social network.

Now it’s out. Wait, there’s one more thing: The famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi: “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” There’s nothing more to add.


Ravena Wolf, Medicine Wheel, acrylic on canvas

Ravena Wolf, Medicine Wheel, acrylic on canvas


Ravena Wolf, Birch Trees, acrylic on canvas

Ravena Wolf, Birch Trees, acrylic on canvas

Anagram of the Moment

NOW is the moment to win.
Now‘ is the moment to win.

Now is the moment to see.
Now is the moment to be.
Now is the moment to burn.
Now is the moment to turn.

All in this moment is love.
All in this moment enough.
All in this moment is true.
All in this moment is you.

All in this moment is one.
All in this moment is WON.



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