“Those who love Paolo Coelho‘s ‚Alchemist‘, will love Ravena Wolf‘s ‚White Raven‘, finding themselves unable to put it aside. (…) This book is a gift to yourself and to anyone who falters and for whom life has lost its meaning.“


“This book is, literally speaking, dream-like. It seems to be science-fiction, but you realize, every page you read, that this is true experience.“


“It all begins so lonely and withdrawn. Uncompromisingly Ravena Wolf writes about her pain. To be forsaken, empty and discarded. Then, uncalled for, the journey begins. It is a journey inwards, a wolf, a lake within a lake… Something awakes, never to leave again, neither the author, nor us.“


“In times when so much is possible, and so little comprehensible, this ‚travelogue‘ by Ravena Wolf appears like a light, that starts out with a twinkle and grows to a shine. (…) Whether you call it shamanism, religion or spirituality, it is furthermost one thing: The perception of essence. And the desire, even the need, to activate one‘s own power and creativity. And the growing certainty that only on a path like this something begins to shine that cannot be extinguished anymore, that carries you through crisis and can even brighten up other people‘s lives.“



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