The rose wears red for beauty, not for bees;
The bee kisses the rose for love and not for honey;
The master tends the bee for nature, not for money,
And you buy honey for the masters sake.

Oh, would such world be real and ours fake!
Beautiful, selfless world, all elves among the trees.
How could I love you in a world like that: ideal?
How can you doubt it, that my love is real!


“One-winged Angel” or “Let’s Embrace and Fly” by Ravena Wolf, pink steatite

Love Song for the Gallery of Fools

What is Love?
The echo of a heartbeat in the night,
A tune that lingers on, a light
In the darkened room, a fight
For sleep or against –
With your scent on my pillow.

What is love not?
To expect, to need, an obsession,
To suspect, to lead, a possession,
A want or a creed
Or a song with a willow.

Do I love you?
I do.
Like what?
Like the echo of your tune,
The reflection of your light.
I dress your scent that it might
Not come off and leave too soon.

Does love hurt?
It does.
Like what?
Like an exquisite torture,
Like a burning at stake –
yet in heaven.

In Heaven
I would not wake,
If I can have this torture,
Have you,
My love,
Or both.

„Orplid“ by Ravena Wolf, cast


“Orplid” by Ravena Wolf, cast

“Luminous Spirit”
by Birch Bark & Sun


No imagery, while my imagination
Is filled with sparkling realities.
For you are defeating my defences,
Turning palisades into palaces,
Plunging me into playfulness,
Two parts apart, yet part of one.

Shall we begin the bygones
Collecting candy-pearls on chains?
Or take rhododendron and roses for ransom,
In tenderness, timelessly tranquil?
Is not melancholy mourning
For memories to be?

With you:
Thread of life wound,
Tie of love bound, Sense of life found.
But threads can tie to the ground, bind
And the quest for sense cuts the bound
With weary, winding, wounding words.

Hush, listen, my love!
There it looms again.
Let us hide, quick!
See sense pass with its cruel and limitless light,
Longing for our love’s lustre.
Let us linger. Let our love lose language.



“Voluptuous Spirit”,
sand-stone by Nature

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